Levels of the Game

In playing the game of marketing, it’s important to understand the hierarchy of information operating in an economic system, and what information is relevant to the decisions that have to be made at each level of the game. When playing the game, you must shift down a level for diagnostic insights, and you must shift up a level for context. Continue reading

Manufacturing Memories

Those of us who work in advertising can define our business in many ways– from the simple idea of creating sales messaging to the more complex idea of building brand relationships, to the modern techno-mantra of feeding the sales funnel. My own definition is more consumer-centric: advertising is the business of manufacturing memories.

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The Maze of Memory

In the game-world of the HBO series Westworld, AI-driven robots can pass the famous Turing test by simulating human emotions and human behavior so well that the human players in the game pretend that the robots are human. The real thing that makes the robots less than human is that they dont have long-term memories. 

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Great Expectations: Managing Branded Memories to create Brand Advocates

The secret to building a successful brand experience is understanding customer expectations. If you meet expectations, you will have a satisfied customer.  But if you exceed expectations, you can turn a customer into a brand advocate.  It’s easy for advertising to promise the first, but hard to communicate the second.  The reason is that “expectation” is just another word for “memory.

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Facebook’s 6-Second Ads: How Zuckerberg is reinventing print & out-of-home advertising

Our high-tech Wizards have already invented much of the magic imagined by J.K. Rowling—the magic map used by Harry now looks strikingly similar to the map on our Uber app. Many in advertising think Zuckerberg invented a magical form of Television. He didn’t. He reinvented Print and Out-of-Home advertising.

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